Exotic Ipe Hardwood – The Best Decking Material Available

With all the one of a kind hardwood sorts on the market today, how will you be sure you’ve got selected the right species to your decking project? Well, here’s one simple test with the intention to decide as soon as and for all whether you’ve got selected the proper hardwood type. Ready? Here we pass.

Are you the use of amazing ipe hardwood?

If you spoke back “Yes!”, you then’re Siberian larch cladding well for your way to a stunning new deck. If no longer, then you likely need to continue analyzing.

Ipe is considered to be the first-class decking material to be had, and for appropriate motive. Ipe is particularly strong, immune to the elements, and comes at a completely affordable charge. Here are the pinnacle four reasons why ipe is the appropriate choice for any new decking venture.


Ipe is a really dense hardwood species. The tight mobile structure of ipe acts as a natural deterrent in opposition to dull bugs, rain, frost, wind, and other unsafe elements. The density of ipe decking additionally way it’s far distinctly resistant to molds, mildews and other kinds of natural decay. If you are searching out a decking material so one can ultimate, ipe need to be on the top of your list.


A exquisite deck ought to be made from cloth so as to stand the test of time. Ipe decking may be handled with maximum any stain or sealant, and one remedy will closing for years. Due to its hardness and density, ipe decking could be very resistant to scratches, making it perfect for decks that see quite a few traffic. Ipe decking additionally carries a Class A fire rating, meaning it’s far as proof against fire as metal or iron.


Ipe is one of the maximum attractive extraordinary hardwoods to be had. The heartwood is mild to dark olive-brown and features contrasting yellow-brown tones. The darkish, tight grain sample provides complicated and thrilling patterns to the wooden. Overall, it is tough to discover a hardwood species greater lovely than ipe.

Home Value

Hardwood flooring add fee to any domestic. Well, the same can be said for hardwood decks. Because it’s far the maximum long lasting and attractive hardwood species, ipe decking can significantly increase the cost of your property. If you propose on promoting your property inside the destiny, communicate to a actual property agent approximately how a whole lot an ipe deck may additionally enhance your own home’s really worth.