Phone Reviews – Oppo A15S

The Oppo A15S is a powerful camera smartphone that comes with a host of advanced features. Connectivity options on this handset include GPS and Wi-Fi. Other sensors on this phone include barometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, touch screen, and fingerprint sensor. From the time of release, the price of the Oppo A15S has not come down drastically. However, as with other smartphones released by Oppo, customers can expect some great deals from the company in the coming months.

The battery life of the Oppo A15S is yet to be oppo a15s found impressive. It seems that this handset is equipped with a low-power mode, but when the power needs to be increased, it makes the A series quite sluggish. Also, the low-power mode reduces the battery life to just around 3 hours of real usage. To enhance the battery life further, the developers have included a secondary battery, which has the capacity to charge the primary battery in use.

The camera of the Oppo A15S is also impressive, though it could do with some refinements. The camera software of the smartphone comes pre-installed with the device, but this is not a very useful feature. To take excellent quality pictures, one needs to install third-party applications like Cubase or AirVideo. The 16 mega pixels front-facing camera of the Oppo A15S does not come cheap – the price of this handset alone is enough to put a dent in most people’s budget. The secondary camera is an upgraded version of the primary camera, and while it does not impress with quality, it does not leave the consumer disappointed either.

One of the biggest complaints against the Oppo A15S smartphone is the slow performance of its RAM. The device runs extremely slowly both in the downloading and browsing test, despite having adequate RAM. It becomes worse when multitasking, as the gaps between activities become even more apparent. The performance of the RAM of the Oppo A15S smartphone is so poor that it could do with better memory management, especially if the user regularly uses his or her smartphone.

The Oppo A15S has a large display, but the large size of the display could hinder the use of apps that require large text and graphics. An application called Evernote lets the user record audio books and convert MP3s to digital copies. In addition to this, the smartphone uses an outdated but popular social networking service, which has unfortunately been rendered useless on this handset since it is using the Mediatek helio P35 processor.

Other disadvantages of the Oppo A15S include a weak speakers and a weak battery life. Both of these issues can be remedied with a good battery and sound boosting feature. The 16mp camera of the Oppo A15S can take decent images, but it is not worth the price asked for this handset. If you are looking for a smartphone that can deliver high performance for a relatively low price, the Oppo A15S is a good choice.