We used gaming as an entertainment for several years,

Now we not only using gaming as an entertainment but also as a way to earn and as a career. Gone are those days when gaming was preferred as a very bad waste of time and something which can never be beneficial for the gamers. Today we live in a world where gaming is actually making most of the people’s career.


How much crypto changed the system of gaming?

Games are now played on technologies like blockchain which is itself a huge and awesome module in the field of technology. Blockchain is the technology on which the whole world of crypto games runs. The decentralised way of doing things where a single person or department is not the regulator, operator or owner of the system.

Where a transaction or order is not just confirmed by one person but by several person and no one here alone can control the system, the crypto games and the sites where the game is played is all based on this blockchain. Today there are several crypto currencies listed on different exchanges, each of these crypto currencies has its own value that is highly decided on the demand and supply in the market.


Every kind of game is available on crypto platforms,

When we talk about crypto games that can be played in crypto world then we often think it must be something very complex or very advanced but it’s not like that always. Although crypto world and the blockchain technology is complex and way too advance and it takes time to understand it still there also famous games like poker, ludo, blackjack etc that can be played and through which one can earn cryptocurrencies.


Cryptos for transactions,

·        Metaverse is one of the fastest growing concepts in the world of crypto gaming.

·        For now, people can use crypto currencies to buy or sell land in a metaverse and that depends on whether which platform is allowing which crypto currency to use for transactions.

Demands are high for crypto games,

There is a huge growth in this industry and as the demand for crypto games are increasing the future seems way too better for things like metaverse, NFT- Non fungible tokens and all that. There were not many regulations before but now there are several government regulations in the cryptocurrencies to protect the people who are getting into this industry.


My personal favourite asset is crypto,

As an asset I consider crypto one of the best thing out their to earn a better return on investments and meanwhile the games played on the platforms are also a good way to earn, and with so many platforms coming out everyday it gets hard to find out the legit one and is a legit one that’s suitable for people finding games on crypto platforms.